107 - Network Engineer


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Position:Network Engineer


Duration:6-12 months +   

Scope: 1.    Control network egress from the GCP services at the network (Layer 4) and Application (Layer 7) levels. a.    Solidify, validate, and detail network egress design to filter egress from GKE to the internet and Dataflow to confluent Kafka b.    Use Istio services to restrict outbound access from GKE to whitelisted destinations. Implement network management policies in Istio to support whitelist filtering. c.     Develop an access control model to separate the authority to create network policies from the authority to deploy applications and infrastructure. d.    Shape Dataflow network flow directed to Confluent Kafka to be routed via a Kafka proxy container in GKE. Enable egress filtering for the Dataflow communication to Confluent Kafka through Istio.   MUST HAVE SKILLS GCP Networking Kafka Istio  

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