GPS Solutions is a quarterly scientific journal covering system design issues and a full range of current and emerging applications of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) such as GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and various augmentations. Prime interest is devoted to novel, innovative, or highly demanding uses. Areas of application include: aviation, surveying and mapping, forestry and agriculture, maritime and waterway navigation, public transportation, time and frequency comparisons and dissemination, space and satellite operations, law enforcement and public safety, communications, meteorology and atmospheric science, geosciences, monitoring global change, technology and engineering, GIS, geodesy, and more.

GPS Solutions addresses the latest developments in GNSS infrastructure, mathematical modeling, algorithmic developments GPS Solutions data analysis, user hardware, and general issues that impact the user community. Contributions from the entire spectrum of GNSS professionals are represented, including university researchers, scientists from government laboratories, receiver industry GPS Solutions other commercial developers, public officials, and business leaders.

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