IT Consulting is one of the most crucial factors for the growth of any organization. With a robust and continually evolving technology, IT sector has grown manifold over the past decade. As per shifting technological trends up to 2018 mark weightage towards cloud computing and data analytics, influencing large organizations to buy over smaller ones. Supertek LLC employs some of the best minds in the industry to deliver timely recruitment strategies to clients world-wide.

Our scope spreads across, but is not limited to, hiring niche developers and designers, testers and managers across all levels in the organization. Our primary motive is to maintain an organizational parity that involves high skills with an equally amicable personality.

Our hiring traverses across Devops Engineers, QA and performance testers, Java developers, Hadoop and Big Data engineers, Business Analysts, Program and Project Managers, UI Designers and developers, amongst many others.

We provide all manpower requirements, temporary and permanent, to clients based across US. With a highly skilled technical and managerial team, Supertek LLC presents the best solutions for your organization!